Saturday, November 23, 2013

Another piece of the puzzle falls into place

I went out looking for a prop for The Celtic Fan today. I'd been looking on eBay and Amazon and couldn't find anything. I was looking for a hand mirror and I needed a fairly large one, and it needed to be decorative.

So I went to The Shed; it used to be The Peddlers Mall. I wandered from booth to booth, wondering if I'd find anything. There have been tons of things that I've needed and I've managed to find them there or at the big antique mall in Gilbertsville. (That's where I found Winston's frame. Rounded a corner and there it was. Measured it and it was perfect. And he looks perfect in it. You'll get to meet Winston in the near future, I hope.)

Anyway, I meandered up and down aisles, looking for one, and eventually, about halfway through, I found it! It's one of the old face-shaped hand mirrors - wider at the top than the bottom - and it has a beautiful, ruby-red back and a beveled face. And it was $5.00! Can't beat that.

On the way out, I noticed some phone cases. I love my Lifeproof case, but I needed a brightly-colored one (mine is white). Sure enough, they had a bright pink one - for $29.99! I paid over $60.00 for the one I have so, of course, I snapped that baby up. I did the underwater test and it held up fine. Now I can find my phone when I lay it down in the house!

I got a prop that I needed. Now to get the outfit picked out for The Witch of Endor. Or maybe not. Maybe I'll just wear . . .

Uh-uh-uh. I'm not going to say. You'll just have to stay tuned! Oh, I'm so wicked . . .

And speaking of wicked, I think I'll give you an excerpt tomorrow from one of the Harper's Cove novellas. Would you like that? Yeah, just what I thought!

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