Saturday, January 18, 2014

It's almost here!

Release day for The Celtic Fan is just weeks away. So I suppose you'd like to know when?

I'll give you a hint:

Get it? Good. That's when you can expect it. I'm excited to be able to offer it to you. It was a long time coming and it's on its way! And will there be some giveaways? Maaaayyyybbbbeeeeeeee . . .

There's another Harper's Cove coming soon, and don't forget Adventurous Me sometime in the next couple of months.

And when will the next Love Under Construction novel be out? Look in the front of the book. The schedule's there. Don't have the book? Hmmmm. Might want to remedy that.

Have a happy Sunday!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Guess where I've been today?

Aside from filling out government forms, I've been over at the Blogger Appreciation Day site, enjoying getting to know some people and networking from right here in my chair!

It's awesome. There are bloggers - over 300! - and authors everywhere! And everyone is so friendly. I'm having a ball, and the party isn't even until February 10th.

For any of you who might not realize it, bloggers don't get paid. Maybe for being an affiliate, but for the most part they don't. They get dozens of naggers for reviews every day, people complaining about how their post wasn't as prominent as someone else's, and spend hours posting and replying to email. They're overworked and underappreciated, and bless her heart, Amy Miles has set out to show them how much we appreciate them. My hat's off to her.

This girl right here is one person who'll do whatever I can to help out bloggers. Guest posts, interviews, character interviews, whatever. I hate seeing them get burned out.

So let's hear it for the bloggers. They're underappreciated and indispensable. Thanks to all of you who make us more visible. We couldn't do it without you.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Gravel eyes

If you don't know what that title means, it means I've been staring at this computer for too long. Why, you ask?

Because in just a few weeks, like maybe two or three, I'll be sending you a cover reveal on a new book. I'm in the process of readying several books to go to the file conversion company, and then they'll be on their way.

In the meantime, I've got legal issues to address in the way I publish my books, and all because I'm . . .

Yes, for those of you who don't like ebooks, soon you'll have an option. It's more expensive, but at least you can buy them in paperback if you want.

That means lots more work for me, but I don't mind. Really. Hey, if you're happy, I'm happy. If you're not happy, well, buy a couple more of my books and read, read, read. Get ready for fresh material, because it's on its way. And by the way, there will be another excerpt this weekend, so keep an eye out for it.