Independent Novels

November 17, 2014

The Celtic Fan is two stories in one - a journalist out to find an elusive author, and the story the author wrote that skyrocketed him to stardom. But Nick Roberts doesn't want to be found. Journalist Steve Riley and three of his friends head out to the stolen Roberts' address, and Steve hopes to land the story of a lifetime. But what he finds at that address is not at all what he thought he'd find. Woven into the book is the tale of Bill and Claire, two star-crossed lovers at the end of WWII who try to forge a relationship against certain failure. Not as steamy as my other reads, it's instead a sensual, senuous story of love in the Great Smoky Mountains.

The Call Girl's Guide to Great Sex brings us an unfaithful husband, his scorned wife, and the woman at the center of it all. And when she decides to help the wife learn what keeps a husband at home, both women get more in the deal than they'd ever imagined.

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