Saturday, March 22, 2014

I'd like this shopping trip

So it's excerpt/outtake day again. This time, it's from Adventurous Me, which will be out in a little over a week. I loved this scene, but it didn't make it into the book. See what you think.


        It was shaping up to be a quiet afternoon. Clint had said that he had to go to the dentist for a cleaning and then to the dealership to have the car serviced before he traded it in. I’d insisted that I could clean up from lunch, so I’m doing exactly that. He’s been gone about twenty minutes.
        My text tone goes off. When I look down, it’s him: You will take direction. Are you finished with lunch cleanup yet?
        I text back, Yes, Sir. All finished.
        Good. Go to the fetwear store. Pick out two outfits, try them on, and text me with a pic from the dressing room when you’re wearing the first one.
        What the heck is this all about? I get dressed, snatch up my keys, and head out the door. It’s not too far to the store, and I’m there in just a few minutes. When I pull up, something makes me text to him, Aren’t you at the dentist, Sir?
        I immediately get back a text that simply says, You will take direction.
        Yes, Sir. Wrong question, apparently. Once inside, the girl I usually see there isn’t working. There’s another woman, this one not too much younger than me, and she’s stocking. “Can I help you with something?” she asks. She seems friendly enough.
        “I need two new outfits. Any suggestions?” I’m prowling through the racks already, looking for something that will work.
        “This is nice,” she says and whips out a leather dress. It’s black, but around the bottom, it’s red, and cut from the red is flames which go up the dress about ten inches, so it’s like the hem is on fire. Really cute. She finds a cute little red jacket to go with it.
        “I like this. What about these?” I ask, holding up a pair of bright pink satin tap pants with rhumba ruffles across the butt.
        “Oh, yeah. I liked those when we got them in. Here,” she says, handing me a black bra with bright pink polka-dots. “Whaddya think?”
        “Very cute! Can I try these on?” I ask her, and she points to the dressing room.
        I try on the dress, take a selfie, and text Clint: Here’s the first one, Sir.
        I get back a terse, No. Try on the second.
        When I’ve got the bra and shorts on, I text him again: What about this, Sir?
        Again, just, No. Try again.
        Now I’m kind of put out. I text back to him, Sir, maybe if you’d tell me what you’re thinking, I could do a little better job of picking something out.
        Instead of a real answer, he replies, Play to your strengths, Vännan .
        What the hell does that mean? I stump back out of the dressing room. “He says no; he says to play to my strengths. I don’t know what that means.”
        The woman looks me up and down. “Hmmmm.” That’s all she says. She starts poking through the racks, so I do too. In a few minutes, she says, “Here.”
        What she hands me is completely different from what I would’ve chosen. It’s a lace chemise, beautiful and delicate, in a pale turquoise trimmed with pearls, complete with underwire cups. There’s a little thong that matches it, plus it has its own pair of turquoise stockings to go with it. I’d spotted some brocade floral platforms and, sure enough, they have this particular shade of turquoise in their pattern. I retreat back into the dressing room, slip everything on, and forward a photo. What I get back shocks me.
        Now THAT’S more like it. Find a second outfit.
        I never would’ve picked something like this. It’s beautiful, but I thought fetwear was supposed to be leather. This is just sexy lingerie. I go back out to the floor, have the clerk help me pick out another outfit, and go back in. This one is a peachy colored lace bra and high-legged bikini panties trimmed with black satin. It’s very 40’s-looking. I put on black stockings and black stilettos and take another pic. This response is even more surprising.
        You’re beautiful, Trish. Buy both outfits, go home, and wash them. Put them up to dry with the fan trained on them. Apparently he wants them dry so I can wear them later.
        Well, I guess that’s that. I pay the clerk, with Ron’s credit card, of course, and head back to Clint’s. Once they’re washed and hung up, I text back, Mission accomplished, Sir. What next?
        They’re calling me back to the chair. Take a nap, one hour. Shower. Dress in the black-trimmed outfit. Be in your place when I arrive.
        I do exactly as I’m told. When I’m dressed in the new outfit, I take a proper assessment of myself. My hair is perfect, my makeup is nice but not overdone. I walk away and then, for some reason, I wheel around and look at myself in the mirror from across the room.
        And I gasp. All of a sudden, it all makes sense. The outfit shows off my every curve in a very soft, feminine way, not all industrial like the leather looks. I look very sexy, very voluptuous, and sort of – sweet? With my fair skin, the peachy color makes me sort of glow. It’s actually fairly captivating, my appearance across the room. If I were a guy, I’d want to . . .
        Fuck me. I’d want to fuck me. Now I see what he was trying to say. I look okay in leather, but I look very, very hot in something soft and feminine. It’s like something deep inside me has lit up and come to life. I take another look in the mirror and realize I’m smiling – at myself. And suddenly I can’t wait for Clint to get here so I can see his reaction. I know he saw the selfie I made, but that’s not the same as seeing the real thing.
        So I kneel in my place and wait. I’m there for maybe twenty-five minutes when I hear the car alarm being set. Head down, palms up, I sit perfectly still. The door opens, the keys go into the bowl on the table, and I know he’s turned to look at me. There’s silence in the house, not a sound. Finally, he comes to me until I can see his shoes. “Sub, rise and face your master.” His voice is authoritative and final. I stand quickly and he says, “Look at me.”
        My face finds his eyes and I see that they’re almost smiling. “Do you understand why I chose these things over the previous choices?” he asks me.
        I nod. “Yes, Sir. They’re beautiful, Sir,” I whisper almost inaudibly.
        “No. They’re not beautiful.” He reaches out and cups my breasts in his hands. “You’re beautiful in them.” My nipples instantly grow hard under the lace and satin, and he says, “On your knees in front of the couch, facing it. Torso on the cushions, arms extended out across them.” When I’ve assumed the position, I feel him move the crotch of the panties to the side and two fingers slip into my pussy. “God, you’re wet. I’ll take my pleasure now.” I hear his belt buckle clank as he unbuckles, then the sound of the zipper on his fly fills the room.
        I was unprepared when his hand smacked my ass, first one cheek, then the other, but I feel juices gush between my pussy lips and my arms start to tremble. Five strikes on each ass cheek, and then I feel the head of his cock at the entrance to my sheath.
        In one efficient movement, he’s buried in me. I groan out, louder than I had when he’d smacked me, and the sound stokes his fire. I love the feel of his fingers digging into my hips, holding me steady as he glides in and out of me, and I start to cry out. To my surprise, he grunts out, “Come whenever you’re ready, sub.”
        It surprises me even more to hear the sob that bolts from my lips when my orgasm hits, and to my disbelief, he cries out and comes almost instantly after my orgasm starts. I’m overwhelmed with the sounds and sensations, the pinch of his fingers in my flesh, the tears rolling down my cheeks and my hair down and all around my face. He abruptly pulls me back and onto his cock as he kneels on the floor, me perched on him, my back to his chest. His arms wind around my waist,  holding me against him, and he whispers into my ear, “You’re so beautiful, so damn beautiful.”
        I begin to weep openly. I’m unaccustomed to hearing those words – ever. I’ve never thought of myself as ugly exactly, but I’ve also never thought of myself as beautiful. “Sir, I . . .”
        One of Clint’s hands wraps around my neck ever so lightly and he growls, “If you’re thinking of arguing with me, don’t. You’re beautiful, Trish.”
        And that clinches it. I start to sob. “Hey, what’s wrong?” he whispers and kisses my cheek. Before I can answer, I’m standing, my panties are back in place, and he sits down on the sofa and pulls me onto his lap. “Talk to me, sub. That’s an order.”
        I stammer and stutter, “I’m not beautiful.”
        Something crosses his face. “Stand up.” When I’m standing, he barks, “Hands on the sofa.” I know what’s coming.
        Thwack! His hand comes down hard across my ass, and then again and again. Ten strikes in, he sits back down and draws me back onto his lap. “You’re beautiful, Trish. And how do you respond?”
        I smile through my tears. “Thank you, Sir.”
        He pulls my head down onto his shoulder, my face against his collarbone, and he whispers back, “You’re welcome.”

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ever wonder what they're doing?

Yeah, sometimes I do too. I wonder what the family members and friends in Louisville and Lexington are up to. So I thought I'd check in.

Steve's in the middle of drawing up documents for Tony, Clayton, Vic, and Bart. You'll have to read the next book to find out what that's about, but it's good for everyone.

Tony's busy on the new business project, and he's thinking about hiring someone to work for him who'll make his life a whole lot easier. He's also thinking about Nikki, about how he'd taken partial retirement to spend more time with her, and he's spending even less time working on the facility. He's hoping that putting more employees in place will give him some breathing room, because he'd rather be at home with her than standing in the middle of a construction site, even if it is his construction site.

Nikki's thinking ahead to Vic and Laura's wedding. She's been helping Laura put the guest list together, which is pretty easy, but Vic's insistent that Laura's mom and dad be involved, and Laura's balking. And poor Nikki's trying to keep them both happy. But she thinks she's got it figure out.

Vic's arranging for Laura's wedding gift. He's ordering her a custom-painted Volvo SUV like the one Nikki had before it was wrecked and burned. He wants her to be safe out on the highway, and if it comes in and is ready earlier, he won't wait until their wedding day to give it to her. He wants her to have it NOW. But the paint job's holding it up . . .

Laura's spending a awful lot of time with that Kindle Paperwhite that Vic gave her for Christmas. He hasn't really paid much attention but, if he had, he'd find out she's bought all kinds of books on BDSM and she's reading like crazy, not just "how-to" books, but fiction too. She's getting all kinds of ideas, but she's still a little shy about approaching him about all of it. She's also scared to death that he's going to get bored with her. That'll never happen, but she's not so sure.

José's sister is driving him crazy. He got a call from social services in Cook County about his youngest siblings. If he could get his fingers around Rosita's neck, no telling what he'd do to her.

Peyton's helping his mom and dad move - since he bought his house, they're moving to a smaller one. He hates to see them sell the home he grew up in, but they don't need a house that big anymore, especially with no grandkids on the horizon.

Clayton's making plans to take Brittany away on a little trip. Their sex life has really suffered since they adopted Anthony and Ella Jane, and he wants them to have some hot and heavy one-on-one time. Tony's assured him that they'll be glad to keep the kids for a weekend, even a four-day weekend. He's hoping Brittany will be excited when she finds out.

Katie's getting more miserable by the day. Being pregnant isn't her idea of fun. Sometimes she wishes Annabeth could understand why she's so short-tempered and tired. They have decided, though, that once the baby comes, Annabeth's going to carry the next one. The big question is, who'll be the sperm donor? They've got someone in mind if they can talk him into it.

Molly's going to her favorite deli to pick up some lunch for her and Vic, and then she's going to a reading circle this evening. She's decided her life is boring, but she doesn't know what to do to fix it.

And Kelly's worried. There are rumors that some of them at the agency are going to lose their jobs. She's identified a group of clients that they could help - people who are paying way too much for their insurance. She's putting together a spreadsheet to show to Ken, her boss, to see if he'll let her pursue some cost-saving measures for them and hopefully get them to refer others to their company. Maybe that would make her more valuable to the company.

They're all working hard. I am too, trying to get the next book out to you. It's almost here, so hang in there!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"Bad Libs" - just as bad as they get!

The ever-entertaining Meankitty and her human, Jody Wallace, have hosted my new book, Adventurous Me, over on their blog today (sorry, Meankitty, I know it's your blog, but I'm trying to be nice to Jody, okay?). It's too funny for words. Well, no, not for words, because words are what makes it so funny, but, well, so you get the picture. I love these. They're über clever, no? Go over, read it, and please leave Meankitty and her human a comment. Enjoy!