Friday, May 2, 2014

Who do you see?

I'm going to do a "dream cast" for the blog tour. Some of the bloggers and reviewers have requested it. I'm working on it, but I was wondering: When you think about Tony, Nikki, Vic, Laura, Steve . . . who do you see? In your mind, what do they look like? I'd be really interested in knowing. You've probably thought of some that I haven't. I think I've finally found Tony and Nikki, and I already had Vic, Steve, Laura, and Kelly. I've got Brittany too. So tell me what YOU think, who YOU see when you think of them. I'd love to know.

And remember, on May 19 you get to find out for yourself who lives, who loves, who dies (maybe), and who's involved in the cliffhanger. Get the tissues and get ready.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

In case you haven't yet

Please go to the blogs who participated in my cover reveal today and show them some love in the way of comments. They're in no particular order (most likely the order in which they signed up). If you haven't seen the way they've supported me, this post will be up for several days. So here we go:

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If I've left anyone out, I apologize. I tried to get everyone and, frankly, I'm overwhelmed with the number of bloggers and FBers who were willing to put the new cover of my book out there for the world to see. I love and appreciate you all.

On toward May 19th!

It's here!

I'm so excited to give you this, the cover of Renovating a Heart, Book 3 in the Love Under Construction series. It's due out May 19 and it's a great read carrying on a great story line.

You'll love this book - it's all sex and danger and broken hearts. And it ends in a cliffhanger - not for the two characters featured in this book, but for a character you've grown to know and love from the very beginning. Join the fun and don't forget to enter the giveaway for a free

Kindle Paperwhite!

But you have to enter to win!

Here's a couple of announcements. First, I'll be starting my newsletter in the very near future. There will be some kind of giveaway in it every month, so if you haven't signed up, you might want to. And second, my street team has been born! Deanndra's Construction Crew is a reality and if you don't mind working hard to pimp me out, I'll put on my hooker shoes and let you! If you're serious about my books and getting them into the hands of the masses, let me know and I can make you a member of the crew.

Come back on May 19. It's going to be a week of fun!

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Get involved!

I'm working on a new Harper's Cove novella and I've hit a wall. I need names. Actually, the characters need names. I tentatively named them Siobhan and Aidan McAllister, but I've decided I don't like those names.

What would YOU name them if you could? Because you CAN! I want to see what you come up with, and one set of names will become the names of the couple in the next book. Just comment here with ideas and I'll pick one. You have to have a man and woman's name and a last name, the whole kit and kaboodle. Let's hear how creative you can be.

And if you're lucky, there'll be a prize. What could it be? Maybe a signed copy of the book when it's done with your name listed as a contributor? Wouldn't that be fun!!!! So go for it. Let me hear your creativity roar!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cover reveal is coming up!

Today we've got the last winner from the blog tour. Drumroll please: It's

Tammy S.!

And Tammy gets a copy of any of the Love Under Construction books in the format of her choice.

Now, here's more good news!

The cover reveal happens on May 1! You may or may not be getting an invitation, depending on whether or not you're friends with me or any of my crew on Facebook, but if you'll click right here, you can sign up for it and get more information. Hope you'll join us!

And don't forget, the release of Renovating a Heart is just weeks away. Release day is May 19, with the blog tour following immediately after. You'll like this book; its tone is completely different from the first two books because, as always, it features two more of the characters you've come to know and love. Sure, you'll still hear from the others in the previous books - that's something I'll always do - but you'll get to know these two characters in new and different ways as you get to explore their personalities and their daily lives. Will their lives be upended? Will they, and their relationship, survive? You'll just have to read the book.

And this book has something I've never done before - a cliffhanger. Not for the two main characters. No, you'll get their story from beginning to, well, yeah, but for another character you've come to know quite well, the story doesn't end so happily. It will be carried on in the fourth book, where you'll get the ending to that too, whether you like it or not.

So get ready and mark your calendar. Join us on May 1 for the cover reveal and more chances to enter to win that


In the next few days, I'll have a post on here that you'll enjoy, or at least get something out of. BDSM is all the rage right now, but do you understand it? It's more than whips and chains. It can be a lifestyle. And it can be so much more.

Happy reading!