Friday, November 22, 2013

And for the witch in all of us . . .

The Witch of Endor is coming down the pike. One of the books has already been started, and they'll be a reality by early spring, I'm hoping. So I need costuming for them. The same photo will show up on each book with some differences, but they'll be dark, so I need something that will show up. And I'm thinking steampunk. See what you think.

They're all steampunk, which I think is fitting. The bottom one also comes in brown and a dusty red - both very pretty. I can get skirts to go with them. So whaddya think? Anybody got an opinion? These will be very rough-and-tumble paranormal romances and I think they'll need something with an edge. I have a personal favorite - let's see if anyone else likes mine!

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