Saturday, October 26, 2013

You were promised - and warned . . .

Here's your daily teaser, and there are lots more like it in the new novel. Be warned: This isn't the tame stuff I've already posted, and it's just a portion of what's going on in this particular scene, so if you blush easily, might as well get it out of the way right now. It gets a lot wilder from there! And wouldn't you like to know who the woman is? Only one way to find out.

     The look he gave her made her squirm, his dark eyes setting up an almost-painful smoldering behind her clit. She leaned forward in eagerness and Vic let her take him in her mouth. “Deeper, bella.” When she tried to rim the head with her tongue, Vic scolded her. “There is no need to try to seduce me, bella. My cock is already down your throat. You get three more strokes to adjust, and then I will take over.”
     Two more strokes, and (she) had the entire length of his maleness past her gag reflex and down her throat. Vic watched her as she took him in. Cuffing her hands behind her back left a scrumptious view, and her breasts reached forward, their rosy nipples large and hard as pebbles. Everything about her entertained his erectness, and he put a hand on either side of her head in her golden curls. “My turn, bella.” She looked up at him, her eyes full of apprehension, and he smiled. “I am the Dom; you are here for my pleasure. Did you think you were so luscious that I’d let you top me from down there?” He grinned. “Be prepared.”
     Vic drew back and forced his cock down deep into her throat; (her) eyes watered and she struggled for a split second and, just like that, he owned her.

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