Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Your daily teaser, proudly brought to you by . . .

. . . me! So here it is. It's so hard to choose! But Steve can be such a shit sometimes . . .

     “By the way, how much do you know about Kelly?”
     “Very little. You’d have to talk to Nikki about her. Wait.” Vic shot Steve a look of total disgust. “Can you just stop thinking about your dick for a minute? We’ve got bigger problems than you getting laid.”
     “Coming from you, that’s just rich.” Steve glowered at Vic. “I hear you were balls-deep in a twenty-five-year-old last night.” Vic turned three shades of red. They both turned as Laura started a violent coughing spell. “Choked, honey?” Steve asked, grinning. Laura’s eyes were watering, but it wasn’t just from choking. “Was it something I said?” Steve mocked.

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