Thursday, October 24, 2013

Aw, you know you love it!

Here comes another one! Just think - six more days and you can read the whole thing!

     “You ever do that again and I’ll kill you, McCoy, I swear.” The veins on Vic’s temples were throbbing. There was a fury on his face that Steve had never seen before, and it scared the shit out of him.
     “Calm down, Cabrizzi! Hell! What’s your problem?” he yelled at Vic.
     “I’ll tell you what my problem is, McCoy! I . . .” The question squirreled around in Vic’s brain. What was his problem? All of a sudden, he couldn’t figure out why he was so damn mad. “Just don’t do it again, you hear me?” Vic turned Steve loose, then straightened his collar and brushed his shirt to straighten it too.
     “What the fuck?” Steve shrieked. “You don’t get to just walk up to me and . . .” He looked at Vic’s face and realized there was something going on, but he wasn’t sure what. “Cabrizzi? What is it?”
     “Shut up,” Vic hissed and turned to go to his car.

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