Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy Sunday! And happy teaser!

Arrrggghhhhh - I was up late last night. Won't go into details, but there was a fire pit involved. It was fun! So here's your teaser for the day. We're almost there. Three more days. Can you hold out?

     “And you go around to the left. I’ll go around to the right, meet you at the back. Stay low but try to see in the windows.” They heard a sound and saw Tony and Nikki’s white Yukon pull up behind Vic’s car. Both got out with weapons drawn and crouch-crawled to Steve and Vic.
     “So, what are we doing?” Tony asked.
     “We’re going around the house. You need to go in the front. Cover for each other as you clear each room. Give us a count of about fifty before you come in. Key?” Tony handed Steve the back door key. Nikki handed Tony her front door key. “We all ready?”
     “There is no ‘we all.’ You’re staying your ass here, babe,” Tony hissed at Nikki.
     “Wish you would,” Vic added.
     “Fuck you. No way,” she whispered back, and Tony realized it was useless to argue with her. She was going to get herself killed, and he’d just have to keep that from happening, so now he was trying to protect two stubborn women – perfect.
     “Let’s go.” Steve and Vic took off, leaving Tony and Nikki beside the car. Tony started counting, and Nikki reached into her bra and pulled out an elastic, putting her hair up into a ponytail. Tony just shook his head; was there anything she didn’t have with her?
     “I’m first in the door, hear me?” Tony growled. Nikki nodded to him. “You stay behind me. I mean it. Don’t make me shoot you.” Nikki grinned at him.  He finished the count and whispered, “Come on.”

If I get one comment on here today that asks for it, I'll post a bonus teaser this evening. Just let me know.


  1. bonus teaser,Plz!!!!!

  2. Bonus teaser, bonus teaser?

  3. Okay, you've got it! Let me see what steamy, naughty thing I can come up with. Check back about, oh, say, six o'clock? Sound good? See you then!


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