Tuesday, October 29, 2013

This is WAY more than a teaser!

Today's offering is not really a teaser - it's an actual excerpt. I thought I'd give you a little more to spark your imagination. The lady in this passage is someone you haven't met before, but you'll get to know her through this book; she's a real doll, very classy, and she turns up later in a very unexpected place. Enjoy!

     Vic gave her a brief history of the implement, telling her that he’d received specialized training in its use. “Very impressive. You’re very impressive. Dark and gorgeous, well-built, and that package you’re packing around down there, well, that’s really impressive!” she said, looking at the front of his leathers.
     “It’s like every other gift you’ve ever gotten. The wrapping is pretty, but the gift inside is much better. Plus this one will make you scream,” Vic boasted. He liked to wait for an uncollared submissive to ask, but something about this woman made him want to try her on for size. Unlike the other women who came into the club, there was a forcefulness about her that was tantalizing in an almost irresistible way.
     She shocked him when she said, “Nope. Not tonight. This isn’t about sex for me. If it were, you’d already be buried inside me by now. But thanks for the offer.” Vic was stunned; she hadn’t even seen the monster and she’d turned it down cold, and she was confident to boot. “Now, when shall we start?”
     Vic moved in toward her as close as he could without touching her, then wrapped his hand around the back of her neck. [She] watched his whole demeanor change. “Right now, this very minute. You will remove your boots and pants and take your place on the whipping bench.”
     [She] took off her boots; she unbuttoned and unzipped her skinny black pants, then shimmied out of them and dropped them on the floor. “Panties as well.” She dropped them on top of the pants. “Hmmmm,” he murmured. It would be easier for her to reach the point of intolerance if she was also uncomfortable with her state of undress. “I think I would like for you to remove everything.” Without hesitation, she pulled her top over her head, then undid her bra and threw both onto the pile.
     Vic was a little surprised. He’d gotten used to seeing younger, buxom women coming in and out of the club. [She] was neither of those. He guessed her to be about fifty, and she was far from perfect. Her breasts weren’t especially large, and she had a little sag about her whole torso.
     But there was something about her that made Vic feel warm all over. She stood before him, not at all like the other women in the usual crowd there, but it didn’t appear to bother her that she looked far from twenty. There was a glow about her, and Vic’s heart was sucked into the vision before him. For all its faults, her body had a well-loved look about it, sensuous and soft, very thin and very fit without being hard or angular. By all appearances, she was a woman who was used to having a man tell her how precious she was. And he couldn’t get over the look in her eyes – total trust.
     For a second he was so overwhelmed that he couldn’t speak or breathe, and then he whispered, “Oh my god, you’re unbelievably beautiful.” As soon as the words were out, she turned shy eyes down to the floor. Just like Nikki. Sweet lord, this is why Tony fell in love with her, his mind screamed. Almost in the same instant, his mind went to Laura and her scars, and his head cleared.
     “To the bench and mount it.” Within seconds she climbed onto it, her upper torso resting on the declining slant. The cuffs were already attached, and he fastened them around her wrists and ankles. Her ass was small and soft, and she was wearing some kind of lotion or cream on her skin that made it shimmer like a pearl.
     But something else almost made him gasp out loud: Scars. Every fraction of an inch of her backside was completely covered in them, all kinds of lash marks. Some appeared to be from caning, others from – what was it? – rope, or chain, or something else with a bite. Vic had to fight to keep his concentration.

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