Monday, October 28, 2013

Here's another one.

I keep telling you there'll be one every day. And you keep coming back to read, so I'm keeping my end of the bargain. This little exchange makes you wonder - exactly what is this thing that Vic's training with? Once you find out, I'm guessing no one reading this will have ever heard of it, so you'll learn something new.

Enjoy! And come back tomorrow, of course.

     “Where’s Vic been lately?” Peyton had to ask Steve. He hadn’t seen Vic around for a couple of weeks.
     “He’s training. On use of the [uh-huh, curious now?].”
     Peyton’s face went white, and Steve retorted with, “I assume from the look on your face that you’re familiar with the instrument.”
     “Uh, yeah,” Peyton almost whispered. “I was involved in martial arts for years before and after the service.” He looked at Steve like he was deranged. “You’re not planning to let him use that here, are you?”
     “Yep. My idea.”
     “Uh-huh.” Peyton looked at Laura. “Well, I’ve got to go follow the lieutenant governor around. I’ll see you tomorrow maybe?”
     “Yeah, okay.” Laura shot Peyton a funny look before turning back to Steve. “What was that all about?”
     “I see Stokes doesn’t approve.” Steve grinned and headed toward his office.


  1. Escrima Stick or Leg Stretcher

  2. Nope, but those are good guesses. It's something far more obscure, but in a particular country, it's extremely well-known - and despised for its use in a horrible, horrible way. But it didn't start out that way.

    It is sometimes closely associated with a escrima - matter of fact, the supplier from whom I got mine also sells escrima sticks. This implement has much more "give" its shaft than an escrima, though. But those were both very, very good guesses. You're getting closer!


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