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Excerpt from Renovating a Heart, release date May 19, 2014.

     When Kelly walked into the club that Saturday evening, she looked completely different than she had the last time she’d been there. She was wearing a huge, sunny smile, and all the worry was erased from her face. Steve had been interested in her body, but he had to admit to himself that he’d never paid much attention to her looks. And she was a looker. Pretty dark hair and big brown eyes on that little frame with those huge tits. What word would describe her? Adorable? Yeah, that was it.
     Before Steve could wind his way across the room to say hello, one of the regular Doms walked up and sat down on the stool beside her, and Steve veered off to one of the stage areas. He pretended to work on some lighting, all the while covertly watching the two of them, wondering what Max was saying to her. The middle-aged African-American man was one of the few unattached Doms the club had; most of them had found someone to collar within the first couple of months of their membership, but Max had held out. Why, Steve didn’t know. He was a nice-looking guy, and the subs he worked with liked and respected him.
     They were deep in conversation, and Kelly laughed several times as Max smiled and turned on the charm. Then Steve saw him stand, hold out his hand, and take Kelly’s in his. They walked together to a performance area on the far side of the room, and Steve’s chest tightened. He watched as Max helped Kelly up onto the platform, then barked, “Sub, present yourself.”
     Kelly crossed the small distance to the imposing Dom, then dropped gracefully to the floor. She was wearing a beautiful bra and thong set, all blues and greens in a hand-painted kind of style, with pale blue stockings and a garter belt that matched the set. The bra was a balconette, and Kelly’s breasts were so large that her nipples rested on the top edge of the cups. When she settled into the position, her palms were turned upward on her thighs. She was a picture of submissive perfection, and Steve fought the urge to drool just looking at her.
     He knew exactly what Max was going to do; he’d watched the big man perform scenes with other subs over and over. “Sub, arms behind your back. Grasp each elbow with the opposing hand.” When she did, Kelly’s breasts jutted out farther. “Arch your back more and lean slightly forward. That’s beautiful.” That made her breasts not only jut out even farther still, but lifted them up from her torso so that the way they were suspended in the bra was breathtaking. Even though he expected it, something in Steve’s stomach knotted when he saw Max’s big hands reach down and fondle both of Kelly’s nipples to maximum hardness, and Steve watched her fight to maintain control of herself.
     “Keep your arms behind you in that fashion but rise to your feet. Concentrate on your movements and don’t lose your balance.” That was hard to master; Kelly did it not only perfectly, but also with enormous grace, considering she was wearing four-inch heels. When she was firmly on her feet, Max instructed, “Go to the center of the stage. Bend over but keep your legs straight.” He bound her wrists to her forearms with a set of leather bands that resembled belts, then put a similar band around her upper arms so she couldn’t get her arms apart – they were squared off and locked in place by the restraints. Above her, attached to the ceiling, was a pulley through which ran a rope with a carabineer dangling from it. There was a cleat on the wall with the other end of the rope wrapped around it, and Max took it loose, letting the caribineer drop and fall almost in the center of Kelly’s back. When it was low enough to rest on her back, he wrapped the end around the cleat again and made his way back to her.
     As she stood bent over, he wrapped the rope around her forearms, locked it in place with the carabineer, and made sure it was secure. Once he’d returned to the cleat, he began to draw up the rope.
     Kelly’s forearms started to rise behind her back and, as they did, she was forced forward even closer to the floor. When Max had the rope as tight as he dared, he wrapped it around the cleat again. Back at Kelly’s side, he addressed the crowd.
     “This is a challenging position in which to be bound. I don’t routinely demand this of a sub, but this sub has assured me that she’s been trained extensively. I intend to find out if that’s the case.” He turned back to Kelly. “Sub, your safeword?”
     “Red, sir.” Kelly didn’t appear to be in any discomfort, and Steve was trying to relax as he watched. But for reasons he couldn’t understand, he was very uncomfortable with the scene. One wrong move, one stumble, and her arms would dislocate at her shoulders. It was treacherous.
     “Very good. I have a good deal of training with the flogger, and I’ll be using it tonight. Sub, ready yourself.”
     “Yes, sir.” Kelly seemed to be concentrating.
     “Very well. I’ll begin.” Max began a swift figure-eight pattern with the falls of the flogger, and the swooshing sound filled the performance area. Most of the members had stopped to watch. Within seconds, the flogger made contact for the first time, and its impact left a redness on the soft flesh of Kelly’s ass. She didn’t make a sound and didn’t move a muscle.
     As best Steve could count, Max laid down thirty lashes on each of Kelly’s ass cheeks. Steve saw him reach between Kelly’s legs and, much to the delight of the audience, he then licked his fingers. Kelly remained motionless and silent. “Starting again,” he announced with a smile.
     Thirty more lashes to each cheek and Max performed the same routine. When he had finished those, he reached over and pulled Kelly’s thong off and down her legs, then said, “Sub, step out.” Kelly gingerly stepped out of the thong and, even though it bothered him for some reason, Steve still had to smile. Her pussy was amazing, all smooth and rosy. He could feel his palms twitch just watching, and his curiosity about what she would taste like turned to a longing.
     After Max had taken a good, long, lusty look, he moved to Kelly’s shoulders, bent down, and looked up underneath her torso. Her bra cups were small enough that her breasts had simply fallen out of them, and he twisted both nipples. Her moans filled the performance area, and Steve felt the skin on his cock tighten as its length grew. When Max had pinched and pulled her tight buds until Kelly was squirming, he went to the side and picked up two nipple clamps with weights attached. Steve tried to get a clear view – he was pretty sure they were six-ounce weights, and those were pretty heavy for someone already uncomfortably bent into that position. But that didn’t deter Max. He clamped one on her right breast and listened to her shriek, and he broke onto a grin. Then he clamped the other on her left breast with the same result. When she had settled into them somewhat, he reached in and pulled both downward, and she cried out again.
     Max pushed a belly bar over to Kelly’s side, adjusted its stand to her waist height, and slid the bar in under her waist. Once it was in place, he released the rope from the cleat. Exhausted, Kelly dropped onto the bar, her head all the way upside-down and the weights from her breasts dropping toward her face. When she was settled into the bar, Max picked up the flogger and began again as he told the crowd, “The whole purpose of the binding and restraint is to cause tension in the sub so that when the rope is released and she drops onto the bar, she feels relaxed and can enter subspace much more easily.”

     And that’s where Kelly was going – fast. The combination of release from the restraint coupled with the blood rushing to her head was drawing her down into the quiet of her mind. Steve watched the muscles in her face soften and smooth, her long hair brushing the floor with every strike of the flogger. By the time Max had laid down forty more on each cheek, Kelly was gone. When he’d finished them, he removed the bindings from her forearms and upper arms, then picked her up and carried her to the back.

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  1. Whew, that was an intense scene described to perfection. I could visualize the setup as if I was in the audience watching. Clearly you've done your research or you've personally witnessed, participated in such a scene. I applaud your skill at the craft/art of writing.


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