Friday, April 25, 2014

Day 6 - read the reviews!

Today we're making stops over at Hines and Bigham's Literary Tryst and Wicked Reads! These reviewers really went out of their way to bring their views to the table, so go over and show them some love in the form of comments. I'm sure they'd love that!

Today's winner of the daily ebook drawing? Well, let's see . . . that would be

Jacquelyn S.!

Jacquelyn gets her choice of the books from the series, electronically signed. And don't forget, if you haven't entered (and all previous entries are still in the drawing), come on over and enter to win a

Kindle Paperwhite!

Wondering what I'm offering you today? Well, here are some fun facts you won't get in the book.

What song does Tony consider to be his and Nikki's song? "Kiss Goodnight" by Lady Antebelllum. The first time he kissed her, he heard that song on the radio right afterward. It kind of sealed itself in his mind.

What's Vic's secret guilty pleasure? Caramel pecan ice cream. There were times when he was really down and he'd eat a whole half-gallon of it, and then kick himself all the way to the gym for a week.

What one food can Steve absolutely not stand? Lima beans. Hates them. If someone puts them on his plate, he won't eat any of the other food either.

What's the one thing Clayton is afraid of? Birds. He's terrified of them. And he's not really sure why.

Who was Annabeth's first crush? Wynona Ryder. Loves her. Still. One of her favorite movies is Girl Interrupted.

What one thing would Nikki like to see gone? Tony's Harley. She's beside herself when he gets on it, and frantic until he gets back. And she won't tell him because she knows how much he loves it.

Where would Kelly most like to go on vacation? The Grand Canyon. She's always wanted to see it.

What does Laura have hidden under her and Vic's bed in a box? A teddy bear her brother won for her at the fair when she was in junior high. He was in elementary school and was so proud of himself. Every time she looks at it, she still sees how happy he was when he handed it to her.

What one thing bothers Molly almost every day? She feels horrible about how she treated Nikki that first Fourth of July. Even though Nikki has told her it's water under the bridge, she's never really forgiven herself.

Keep reading. You're going to learn a lot more about some of the characters in the next two books. Renovating a Heart comes out on May 19th, and the fourth novel, Planning an Addition, is already well underway!

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