Tuesday, November 12, 2013

An announcement you won't want to miss!

First of all, let me update by saying I wrote 9,014 words today on the new novel, the third in the Love Under Construction series. I checked and, by my calculations, I'm putting out about 82 words per minute. And that's while doing some rudimentary editing on the fly. Just sayin'. Be happy for me, haters!

Now for the announcement I promised.

I think some of you know this already, but on Halloween I had the surprising fortune of finding a crapton of writing projects from years back. I'd thought they were gone, and somehow, some way, they showed up on my brand-new external hard drive. I'm still trying to figure that one out.

There were lots of things in there, but the most significant was a novel that I wrote years ago, The Celtic Fan. I did a little math and consulted with someone who was experiencing an event at the same time I was writing it, and I determined that it was written in 2000. It's an unusual piece, written from first person POV, and is a novel within a novel. But I'll share the basic premise with you.

There is a novel written that's taken the nation by storm, and the writer, Nick Roberts, is a mystery. No one has ever seen him, talked to him, interviewed him, nothing. There are even fan websites set up offering rewards to anyone who can find him.

Four guys go on a "Hangover"-type trip each year together. Some have been good, some pretty crappy. One of them gets the idea to use their trip to try to find Nick Roberts, and he has connections to the publishing house Roberts' book came through, which renders a P.O. box number in a tiny North Carolina town. The male protagonist in the book, Steve, another one of the four, is a journalist with the Knoxville newspaper. Once he reads the book, at the insistence of one of his buddies, he jumps on the bandwagon and decides that he will be the one of the four to find Roberts, and that maybe, just maybe, he'll continue to keep the secret.

But what Steve finds when he goes out in search of Roberts is nothing he would've ever expected. And when he finds out who Nick Roberts is, keeping Roberts' identity a secret is an even bigger priority than before.

This book is a sweet, simple sensual romance (not erotic) written from a man's point of view. At the end of each chapter is an excerpt from Nick Roberts' novel, The Celtic Fan, that runs parallel with the novel itself. I know, but it's not really as confusing as it sounds. You'll understand when you read it.

So it is with great pleasure that I announce that it will probably be released in the next two to three months. It needs surprisingly little work and is by far one of the nicest pieces of work I've ever done. It's about 78,000 words and will retail for $2.99, a sweet price for a sweet story. After thirteen years, I still cried as I read it.

Stay tuned. I'll let you know more as I go along. And if you know someone who draws quite well, I'm looking for an artist to do a particularly simple piece of artwork that will be part of the cover, so just shoot me a PM and give me contact information.

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