Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Working, working, working

My car has not left the driveway since Friday when I came home from the gym. And the amount of work I've gotten done is staggering.

I launched the first Harper's Cove book and the second one will come out this coming weekend. I finished the third book in the Love Under Construction series and have been editing it here and there. I've started work on the third Harper's Cove book. I've worked on one of the independent novels I'm writing (it's called Adventurous Me). I've done some character studies for some of the characters in upcoming books. I've been contemplating designs for new covers. Did some updating on the blog and my website.

To quote a character from the popular trilogy written by a British author, "Holy crap!" I've been busy.

And I'm tired. But they're coming along nicely. I don't really want to stop, but I have to sleep sometime. Or do I? Okay, now I'm just getting slappy (you know, slap + happy = slappy). So it's off to bed for me, then I'll get up tomorrow and start all over again.


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