Thursday, December 5, 2013

What? Nobody wanted an excerpt?

Well, except for those of you who came over to read it? I'm a little surprised. Perhaps I didn't give you enough notice, or you're so busy going out to get bread and milk that you didn't have time.

I'm over halfway done with the third Harper's Cove book. I'm not wasting any time here, people.

Something odd happened today, though. Up until now, I haven't sold enough on B&N to be there, and I was thinking of killing off that setup and going KDP Select. Lo and behold, I checked my Nook account today and I'd sold more there than on Kindle! I don't know what's up with that, but I LIKE IT.

So no KDP Select for right now. I'll see if that trend continues and, if it does, I'll just hang in there. You just never know.

But if you'll come back, I'll give you an excerpt from something on Friday. If I have Internet. Which I may not if the ice storm gets me. We'll see, huh? And don't forget, the next Harper's Cove book comes out Sunday - cover reveal on Saturday!

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