Monday, February 10, 2014

Meatloaf! Grrrrrrrr!!!!!!

Tonight I made four batches of Nikki's meatloaf. Yeah, it's that good. I'll freeze a bunch of it. Here's what it looked like on my plate - it wasn't there long.

Why does my phone's camera make everything look an unappetizing shade of green? I have no idea. Just trust me, it tasted spectacular. To the right of it is boiled okra (the slimier the better) and at the bottom is roasted root vegetables (rutabagas, turnips, and carrots).

Then I found out that the guys all had custom aprons made for the girls. They're really cute.

For Nikki: "The cook in this apron is mine. Get your own. - Tony Walters"

For Laura: "I'm the only one who gets to see what's under this apron. Fuck off. - Vic Walters"

For Brittany: "Under this apron is the world's greatest mom. And my very own MILF. - Clayton Walters"

And Katie and Annabeth got themselves matching aprons: "We take turns in the kitchen. You're not invited."

Jeez, that Walters bunch. I wish my partner would come up with a cute apron for me. Nah - never gonna happen.

Oh, well, I'm off to scrub some meatloaf pans . . .

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