Friday, February 7, 2014

Cover Reveal Thirteen Years in the Making

It's finally here. I know some people have been very curious, and rightfully so. The manuscript was lost for thirteen years. The cover was a concept for at least that long. It was work to get the shot just right, but it turned out just as I'd dreamed it would for thirteen years, and I'm happy to finally get to share it with you.

I'd like to say a few thanks. First, to Mark Halliman, one half of a great photography crew. Nice job, very nice. It wasn't easy to get that shot, but you did it, and I'm grateful. And to the other half of that team who's also a pretty good cover artist: Thanks, Mrs. H!

Next, to Carrie Jones, a fabulous artist who drew, by hand, the tattoo art. You may not be able to see it well in this pic, but it's throughout the book. And it may very well be in that exact spot on my arm in a few weeks or months.

And last but not least, the cover model - ME! Yep, that's me on the cover in my corset and skirt. Even though it doesn't look it, the pose was challenging to maintain because of the way I was turned and leaning back. Good thing Mr. Photographer had a quick finger!

The Celtic Fan - available next Friday, Valentine's Day, in any electronic format you could possibly want and in print! Grab it, enjoy it, and tell your friends.


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