Saturday, December 21, 2013

Whew - it's over

We had our family Yule celebration today. It's bare under the Yule tree except for the few gifts for family members we haven't been able to get together with yet. That'll change tomorrow. And I'm exhausted.

I got the first composites from the cover artist today, and I'm impressed. She sent two and, frankly, I'm going to have trouble choosing between. They're both very good. I'll have to choose one of them, and I'm not sure they even need any changes.

My partner is dealing with a hamstring injury, so the gym has been distant for me the last few days. I need to get back there and soon. I'm hoping that'll be the first of the week. Our son is here and he brought gym clothes with him, so I'm guessing we'll be taking him with us.

I'm looking forward to getting these two books launched. In the meantime, the other series are calling my name. I'll be glad to get back to work in earnest.

So goodnight. Have pleasant dreams of sugarplums and candy canes. Mine have already come true.

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