Sunday, October 6, 2013

Here it is - another excerpt from Tearing Down Walls!

Yep - and it's a good one. And wait until you read the next ten paragraphs!

     Less than two minutes later, she came through the doorway and gasped when she saw his broad, smooth chest. He saw it in her eyes, all of the want she was bringing into the exchange, and he had to admit to himself that he wanted her too. She’d gone into the locker room and removed the bustier she’d been wearing in the big room, her heavy, lush breasts sporting huge, hard nipples, and her wavy, almost-black hair cascading down them. Her tiny waist had a gold chain around it with a heart-shaped charm hanging from it, and it glittered in the low light. She started to speak, but Vic said, “Sub, present yourself to me.” Jessica crossed the room silently and dropped to her knees, hands on her legs and palms up, knees sweetly apart, shoulders thrown back, breasts jutting out, her nipples pointed toward the ceiling, and her head down.
     “Nice! You have beautiful breasts. Work on arching your back more so that their display will be even more breathtaking.” A shy smile crossed her face. “From this point on, you will call me sir. Do you have a safeword, sub?” he asked.
     “Yes. Negative, sir.”
     Vic’s eyebrows shot up. “Hmmm. Why did you choose that, if I might ask?”
     “Because it’s longer than ‘red’ or ‘no,’ sir. And in order to use it, I first have to be sure that I really want the play to stop. So it discourages bailing, sir.”
     Wow – she’d really thought that out. “So am I to understand that your go word is ‘positive?’” he asked, smiling.
     “Yes, sir. And my slow down word is ‘uncertain.’”
     He chuckled at her. “Hand signals?”
     “Yes.” She held up both hands and touched her middle finger to her thumb.
     “Very good. Have you had much training?”
     “Yes, sir. I’m very durable, sir.” That’s a word I never thought I’d hear attached to a woman, Vic thought.

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