Saturday, September 28, 2013

Want an excerpt from "Tearing Down Walls?" Well, you're in luck!

I promised one every few days, and I think it's high time, don't you? So check it out . . .

   “Thanks for coming over,” Tony said, shaking hands with Steve. “Vic will be down in just a minute.”
   “So this has something to do with Vic?” Steve asked, confused.
   “This has everything to do with Vic,” Tony responded. “But he needs to tell you.”
   “Would this have something to do with me seeing him at the club last night?”
   “It would.” Tony swirled his coffee and didn’t say anything else. They sat in silence until Nikki came back with the cookies. About the time Steve took two, Vic came down the stairs and through the doors, choosing a chair across from Steve so he could see Steve’s face well. And he looked excited about something.
   “So what’s this all about, Cabrizzi?” Steve asked.
   “Hello to you too,” Vic said.
   “Oh, sorry. Hello. So what’s this all about, Cabrizzi?” Nikki had to stifle a giggle.
   Vic sighed deeply and sat back in his chair. “I don’t even know where to start.”
   It broke Tony’s heart to see Vic so conflicted and miserable. “Just tell him about Carrie first, bud. However you do this, it’ll be the right way.”

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