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Ready for another outtake?

Your promised outtake awaits below, and boy, is it a good one. This didn't make it into the fourth book, Planning an Addition, and I was really sorry because it's so good. I don't know how long that book is going to wind up being, so it could possibly go in there, but I doubt it. And it's too good to waste, so enjoy it here and know that you're one of the few people who'll ever read it. Poor Vic - so many things happen to him, but he always finds a way to turn lemons into lemonade. This is one of those times. Happy reading!


     “Thanks, Carter! See you Monday.” Vic stepped off the tarmac and into the waiting limo, throwing his duffel into the back seat with him. He traveled light – always had, always would.
     This time he had a little something extra in his bag. He’d stopped at the adult store before he went to the airport that morning and picked up a few things to surprise his pretty wife. There was no way to know how Laura would react to the blow job candy, but he couldn’t wait to try out the new toy. It was all worked out in his mind: He’d put her on her back, press her legs up as high as he could get them, and then slip the butt plug in.
     But he couldn’t wait to see the look on her face when he flipped the switch and the thing started to vibrate. Yeah, that would be good. If he could just get a picture of that . . . nope. He’d tried it before, and she’d made it clear she’d have none of the picture-taking during sex. Of course, she had no idea he’d taken that one picture with his phone of his cock buried in her ass. Her face wasn’t in the photo, so he didn’t think it was a bad thing. He pulled it out, looked at it from time to time, and grinned so hard his cheeks hurt.
     He couldn’t help it – damn, she was a fine fuck. Yeah, it helped that he’d pretty much trained her the way he wanted her, but she had some natural talent that went a long, long way in the sack. And he’d been missing that talent for the last two weeks. A weekend in D.C. wasn’t going to hurt him business-wise, and he couldn’t wait to be buried up to his balls in her softness.
     His phone rang as he was pulling it out of his pocket to call – yep, she was as eager as he was. “Hey, baby! How’s my pretty farfalla?”
     “Horny as hell.” Wow – she’d never said that to him before! She must’ve really been missing him. “I’ll be so glad when we’re alone tonight. I need you so bad.” The last phrase came out kind of pouty, and Vic’s cock jumped a little at the thought of her plump lips.
     “I don’t know how long it takes to get there from the airport. Should I come to the hotel?”
     Laura thought for a minute. “No, come straight to the restaurant. Rembrandt’s. I’m sure the driver knows where it is. I’m so excited that you’re going to get to meet Tracie!”
     “Me too, babe. I’ll be there as fast as I can get there. I love you, Laura Elaine.” He smiled into the phone.
     “I love you too, big boy.” They hung up and Vic slipped the phone back into his pocket. She really sounded excited that he’d be there for the weekend, and he was glad he’d finally get to meet the woman he’d heard so much about.
     As Laura had started going to the subcommittee hearings and working with the taskforce, she’d met Tracie at the capitol building. Tracie Elliot worked for a female senator from Kansas, and their happenstance meeting in an elevator had blossomed into a fast friendship. Laura and Tracie had been spending lots of their free time together, and Vic was beyond thrilled that she’d made a friend there. It had made their temporary separation more bearable for her. For Vic, no such luck. No diversion was enough to make the ache of her absence go away.
     The limo driver made it clear that he was at Vic’s disposal and would be waiting when they finished dinner, so Vic just left his duffel in the back seat. The restaurant was gorgeous from the outside, and he hoped the food was as good as the ambience.
     As soon as he stepped through the doorway, he saw her waving at him from a table in the back corner. The smiling host led him back, promised him a drink, and left him with the two women. Laura rose and threw her arms around his neck, and for a few seconds they were the only two people in the room, their lips pressed together as they melted into each other.
     “Ahh-hemmmmm.” A female voice cleared its throat. “Could you two take it to the back? Or do you want to eat?” Vic chuckled within their kiss and turned Laura loose to greet the voice.
     Tracie Elliot sat at the table across from Vic’s seat, and when he turned to her, her jaw dropped. “See? I told you he’s gorgeous! Tracie, this is my husband, Vic. Vic, Tracie Elliot.” Laura’s introduction put a face to Tracie’s name for Vic, but it struck him that she was staring at him in an odd way.
     “Nice to meet you, Tracie.” Vic extended his hand and Tracie took it, still giving him the strange look.
     “Um, and you too,” she said, a weird, covert grin on her face. Vic caught it, but Laura was oblivious, and he was just a little uncomfortable.
     “So, what have you two been up to?” Vic asked, trying to make small talk.
     “Well, let’s see . . . yesterday at lunch, Tracie took me to this really cute little shop and I bought a sweater and some jeans. And then today we went to the salon and had our nails done.” Laura held up a hand and wiggled her fingers, and Vic nodded his approval, but he was still watching Tracie out of the corner of his eye. Something was definitely wrong, that odd grin still just under the surface of her composure. “What else, Tracie?”
     The woman blinked twice, then seemed to snap to herself. “Oh, um, uh, we, um, we got coffee.”
     “Oh, yeah, there’s this coffee shop down the block where the baristas make the cutest little pictures with the foam in the lattes. It’s great.” Laura was beaming and staring into Vic’s eyes. But Tracie was still making him very uncomfortable. She stared at him like he was an alien, and it was really starting to bother him.
     They ordered salads and appetizers and attempted to make small talk, but Tracie was still disengaged. Just as the salads arrived, Laura announced, “I’ll be right back. Where are the restrooms?”
     Tracie pointed at the far corner of the restaurant without turning to look at it – she was still staring at Vic. “Way over there.”
     “You guys entertain each other. I’ll be back in a minute.” With that, she disappeared across the room, leaving Vic at the table with Tracie.
     She stared at him. “So, sounds like you and Laura are having fun,” he tried.
     “Um-hmmm,” she muttered and continued to stare. Occasionally she’d bat her eyelashes.
     “So,” Vic tried again, “you work for a senator? That must be interesting.”
     “It is.” She stopped at that and leaned back a little, turned her head slightly sideways, and stared at him some more. Vic’s discomfort was almost unbearable. He couldn’t figure out what was going on. Was she drunk? On some kind of drugs?
     Finally, he dropped an eyebrow and peered out at her. “Is something wrong?”
     An actual smile came across her face. “You don’t remember me, do you?”
     Vic took a closer look at her. Blue eyes, blond hair, but nothing remarkable about her. Nicely built, but no bombshell. “Should I?”
     She gave a little snort. “You should. You fucked me for four hours one night.”
     Oh holy shit! Vic had always known there was a danger of this happening, but not tonight. Not right now. Oh my god, what the hell? NOW what do I do?  “Um, where and when was this?”
     Tracie went wet. He was unbelievable – it had been years and he was even better looking than he’d been back then. “Vic. Big Vic. Master Vic. The Raven’s Nest in Panama City.” She sat back, crossed her arms across her chest, and smirked.
     Yep, sweet mother of god, it must be true. I don’t remember her. Shit. Was she good? I just can’t place her . . . “Yes, I’ve been there a few times.”
     “A few times? You were practically the main attraction. As I recall, there was a waiting list for your, um, attention. You really don’t remember me?” She seemed incensed. This wasn’t going well at all.
     “You have to understand, I was, uh, extremely busy in those days.” Vic was looking for something to say to diffuse the situation. Anything would work; even an Oh, look, the Hindenburg is outside the window! would’ve been better than this.
     “I’ll say. I remember seeing you and another Dom scening with three women at once. That was a night everybody remembered.” She sat up, then leaned in with her elbows on the table and rested her chin on her fists. “The night you scened with me, you buckled me into a spreader bar, put nipple clamps with chains on me, wrapped the chains around my shins, and then proceeded to fuck my ass for a half hour, in the public area no less.” She grinned. “And that was after you’d chained me to the St. Andrews, flogged my ass for a half hour, and then tortured me through five orgasms with the Magic Wand.”
     Vic nodded. “Yeah, that sounds like me all right.” No use in denying it – he might not remember, but he’d obviously done it.
     “You didn’t fuck my cunt until you took me to a privacy room. You tied my hands to the headboard and my legs spread-eagle and banged me until we were both exhausted. I think you came at least four times.”
     Yeah, that sounds like me too, Vic thought. “So I take it you liked it?” Vic asked. He couldn’t think of anything else to say. Where the hell was Laura? There must’ve been one helluva line in that bathroom.
     “Yeah, you could say that. I can’t believe you’re sitting here in front of me. How lucky could I get?” She licked her lips.
     That startled Vic. “I don’t understand . . .”
     “Oh, you will. See, you’re going to make some excuse about how you’ve got to go out tonight after you two get to the hotel, and you’re going to come to my apartment and fuck me. I want it and I need it, and you were really, really good. Of course, if you don’t want to . . .”
     Vic squared his shoulders. “It’s not that I don’t want to. It’s just that it’s not going to happen. The only woman whose business I’m going to be up in tonight is my wife’s.”
     “Oh, so that’s how we’re going to play it?” Tracie sat back again and crossed her arms. “Let me tell you how this is going down: You come to my apartment and fuck me or I’ll tell your little wife about our history.”
     Vic smirked at her. “Go ahead.”
     The smile disappeared off her face and her eyebrows jerked upward. “You’re not serious!”
     He nodded. “I absolutely am. Matter of fact, when she comes back I’ll tell her myself. And maybe I’ll tell her that her ‘friend’ here – and I use that term loosely – tried to blackmail me into sleeping with her.”
     “You wouldn’t.”
     He could tell she didn’t believe him. “You watch me.”
     Within seconds, Laura appeared behind Vic. She put her hands on his shoulder and kissed the top of his head before she sat down. “So, what did I miss?”
     Tracie nearly fell out of her chair when Vic announced, “Hey, Tracie and I know each other! Can you believe that?”
     Laura looked from Vic to Tracie, noted the look on Tracie’s face, and then turned back to Vic. “Oh? And how’s that?”
     “Go ahead and tell her, Tracie,” Vic grinned.
     “Um, uh . . .”
     It took Laura about two seconds to figure out what was going on. “Go on, Tracie. Tell me how you know my husband.” She waited, her face a blank.
     “Uh, we, uh, we scened together at a club in Panama City a long time ago.” Tracie’s face was turning bright red.
     Vic, blunt as ever, just offered right up, “Yeah. Apparently I fucked her for, how long did you say, Tracie, four hours?”
     Laura’s reaction shocked Tracie more than anything – the brunette began to chuckle. “Oh, is that right? So how was he?”
     Tracie swallowed hard. “Good. Really good.”
     “You don’t have to tell me.” Laura leaned toward Vic and kissed him, and he kissed her back, a hot little thing that made her blood sizzle. “That’s one mighty cock I’ve laid claim to there,” she laughed and reached under the table. Vic jumped and his eyes went wide, and Tracie knew exactly what Laura had done.
     “You’re, you’re not, um, upset?” Tracie still couldn’t believe it. She’d expected Laura to go ballistic, but her tall, pretty, dark-haired friend actually seemed amused.
     “Well, I’ll admit, it’s kind of awkward.” Laura grinned at Tracie. “But it’s not surprising. He got around a lot before we met.” She stopped and stared at Tracie. “Tell me, did he remember you?”
     Vic had to work to keep from laughing right out loud when Tracie turned almost purple. Laura waited and drummed her fingernails on the table until Tracie finally muttered, “No.”
     That was it. Vic couldn’t hold it in anymore, and he started laughing. When he did, Laura started laughing too. They were both gasping for breath, and Tracie was mortified. Laura managed to choke out, “I always knew this was going to happen. It was just a matter of time.”
     “I know, right? My timing sucks!” Vic wheezed. “Look, Tracie, I don’t think your idea for blackmailing me into sleeping with you tonight is going to work, obviously.” At that, Laura sobered and glared at her friend. “But I’ll forgive you for wanting another piece of me. I’m not surprised. It’s reported that I’m pretty damn fine in the sack.”
     “Oh yes you are,” Laura growled and kissed him again.
     Tracie blanched. “I think I need another drink.”
     Vic had managed to get himself under control. “I think we all do. Hey, look, here comes our appetizers. Eat up, girls. At least one of you is going to need her strength tonight!”
     They managed to bluster their way through dinner and parted with Tracie still red-faced and Vic telling her how nice it was to meet her – again. Vic and Laura were still laughing when they got to the hotel. When the door closed, it was a different story.
     “Come here,” Laura snarled. She grabbed Vic’s shirt and pulled him to her. His arms wrapped around her and held her tight against him, and the kiss they locked into brought the temperature in the room up by about ten degrees. When they broke, she pushed him up against the closed door and dropped to her knees. “I want this. Right now.” When she got his jeans unzipped and yanked down on them and his boxer briefs, his hugely-engorged cock bounced into view. “Yep. I see you do too.”
     “God yes, angel.” Her mouth opened and he was about to thrust into her when she stopped him.
     “What’s this?” She pointed at a bandage just to the right of his dick.
     Vic grinned. “You can pull it off. See for yourself.”
     Laura reached up and picked the edge of the bandage loose with an index fingernail. When she peeled it away, she gasped.
     It was a tattoo of a butterfly, beautiful and multicolored, facing his shaft. Around it, in a graceful script, were the words, La mia piccola farfalla. Il mio infinito amore. “Oh, my god, baby, it’s beautiful! When did you have this done?”
     “The day after you left.” Vic grinned down at her with pride. “They always told me it was bad luck to have a woman’s name tattooed on you, so I did this instead. Pretty, huh?”
     “It is! That had to hurt too,” she frowned.
     He shrugged. “I wanted it where only you, I, and maybe my doctor would ever see it. I think I succeeded.”
     “The two of us and your doctor had better be the only ones who ever see it.”
     “So you like it?” Vic asked, then tipped his head back and groaned.
     “Uh-huhhhhhh,” was all Laura could manage with her mouth full.

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