Monday, December 30, 2013

It's so exciting!

Today I got the finals on the cover for a book that will be coming out pretty soon. You've already seen an excerpt - it's Adventurous Me! So let me give you a brief synopsis.

Trish's husband of almost 30 years announces that he is leaving her because she's boring, tiresome, and predictable. This guy married her, moved her far away from her family, and didn't even want any kids, although they'd talked about it beforehand and he was all for it. So Trish sets out to prove that she's anything but a bore.

She and her friend, Sheila, go to a bar, where Trish proceeds to get tanked. When another bar patron tries to pick her up, she stands, only to stumble sideways and fall into a man who'd been sitting there all night, completely unnoticed by her. He steadies her, runs off her would-be lay for the evening, and sits her down to wait until she's sober enough to go.

As they talk, she divulges the reason for her inebriated state. After questioning her, the handsome older gentleman makes a discovery which he shares with her - that she was not the 50% of the relationship who was boring. He then produces a business card with a single word on it: "Bliss." He writes his name and an address on the card and invites her to visit the next night if she'd like an "adventure." On her way home, she decides to go.

Sheila backs out on her the next evening, but Trish is determined to find an adventure, and sets out for the address. Upon arrival, what she finds at the address is an adventure the likes of which she would've never dreamed she'd find. With her new-found friend as her guide, she dives into the adventure of a lifetime.

A few short weeks later, an event held there changes her life forever. She's determined to embrace the situation and come out victorious . . . if she can just survive it. And even if she does, what kind of tatters will it leave her heart in?

Adventurous Me is the story of a woman's life changed forever. If it were rated like a movie, this would be a solid R+ rating leaning toward X, but it's also sweet, tender, funny, and tearful. I started out with the first dozen lines, not really knowing where it was going, and then Trish's voice took over and the book wrote itself. It's a whole lot of fun wrapped up in a nice package, and I think readers will fall in love with Trish, Dave, Clint, and Eric, and maybe even come to despise Ron (the rat bastard). Cover reveal SOON - keep an eye out for it!

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