Sunday, October 13, 2013

What time is it?

From Tearing Down Walls, still on track for release on Halloween - it's EXCERPT TIME! So here you go.

     Vic was at the club at five before six. When he walked in the front door, José said, “Boss man told me to expect you. His office is all the way at the back. Go to the private room hallway and keep going. To the right, by the door with the exit sign.” The door buzzed and Vic walked through. Then the office door popped open and José whispered, “Hey, by the way . . . ”
     “You look fucking hot!” José said and winked at him.
     What the hell?, Vic wondered, trying to figure out what he should say. “Um, thanks?” he said hesitantly. He couldn’t help wondering, Is there something I should know here?
     Completely rattled, Vic wandered through and went straight to the back; he didn’t even notice the heads turning as he walked through, mostly female but a few male. He knocked, and Steve said, “Come on in.”
Vic wasn’t prepared for what he found on the other side of the door. Steve sat at his desk, his feet up, and a drop-dead gorgeous woman who looked to be in her thirties knelt beside his chair, head down, hands resting on her legs palms up, knees about as far apart as she could get them. And she wasn’t wearing a stitch. Perfect presentation. Where did Steve get these women?
     “You can get up now. Go and put on your skirt. And wait for me in the chair in our regular place.”
     “Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.” She stood, turned, and left the room without ever even glancing at Vic. Well-trained, he thought. “Did you train her, or was she . . . ”
    “Sub wannabe. I’m working with her to see if I want to keep her. I’m just not sure. Awful lot of responsibility.” He looked Vic up and down. “You look, well . . . you look damn good.”
     “José said I look hot,” Vic said without cracking a smile.
     “José would know. He’s got a good eye.” Vic shot him a curious look. “He swings both ways. Lucky bastard. And he should know hot – he’s pretty damn hot himself.” Steve wrote something on a notepad on his desk, then stood. “Ready?”

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