Friday, August 30, 2013

So when do I get to write?

I spent a good part of yesterday creating an ad for my friend Shane's website (he graciously offered to promote my books on his website - that was SOOOO nice of him!). Then I worked on the website a little. Then I spent a couple of hours sorting through the cover shots for the Harper's Cove series. Then I ate barbecue. And then I worked on the timeline. I know, procrastination, right? And I've got to get started on the third book, Renovating a Heart. I'll need an excerpt to put in the back of Tearing Down Walls, right? So much to do, and a video shoot week after next in Nashville, not to mention hosting some honeymooners. Yikes! I don't know how I'm going to get all of this done.

And I'm doing an interview for Smashwords, and I've still got to get into the backend of Substance B and work on my author page there. In the immortal words of a famous erotic romance book character, "Holy crap!"

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